OnePlus reveals the price of its OnePlus 8 series Phones


OnePlus is about to launch its new OnePlus 8 series on 14th of April 2020. OnePlus announced the date from their twitter handle revealing a teaser video which confirms the feature like 120 Hz fluid amoled display, 865 snapdragon chip etc. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, OnePlus announced that the event is going to be held digitally and everyone is invited to live stream the event. You can follow this link to know more about the OnePlus 8 features and Specifications.

DisplayMate, a display bechmarking company, gave a A+ rating to OnePlus 8’s display. Moreover, DisplayMate added that OnePlus 8 pro reportedly broke 13 display performance records. On their tweeter handle DisplayMate wrote that OnePlus earned the highest A+ ratings of all time.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed the price of OnePlus 8 series to be lower than US $1000. The price is a little higher than its predecessor but being relevant to its specifications and brand its lower than its competition like the Samsung S20 or Huwaei . CEO lau told the media that the high price is because of the technical issues and challenges and issues that 5G brings with it, as 5G chips are getting pricier in the market. For he full Specification, Design, Price and Color disclousre live stream the launch.


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