Nepal Government to fund innovative startups upto 50 lakhs (final registration date 9th June 2020)

Startup of business mind map illustration

Amid corona virus pandemic Nepal Planning Commission (Rastriya Yojana Aayog) published a notice (11th May 2020) announcing funds for innovative startups. Only those startups who have been registered in Nepal legally can apply for this fund within 30 days (i.e. 9th June 2020). Nepal National Planning Commission shall fund the startup based on Start up funding procedure, 2076 and Startup funding criteria, 2077. You can get these from the links below.

According to the criteria the person/company requesting for the funds should be self-educated or have done research about the subject matter on the topics of their proposal. New innovation , invention and skill in the area of Information Technology, Agriculture, Energy, Health, Tourism, Industries etc which will uplift the lives of Nepali people can be registered for this grant. The company should be a registred company under the same faculty similar to the startup proposed and should also be registered in the Inland Revenue Department of Nepal. The proposal should specifically mention the total investment of the project, funding requested from the GoN and also mention any other project working partners or funding partners in the project.

After the selection the funds provided by the NPC shall be directly transferred to the company bank account in 3 installments. 1st installment shall be done after the selection of the proposal, 2nd and 3rd installment is deposited after timely submission of progress reports and the inspection of the project progress by the relative department.

Startup funding Notice from National Planning Commission, Nepal

You can easily register your company through this link .


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