Google Launched Dataset Search Engine


Google Launched a Beta Version of BigQuery Dataset Search engine which dedicates to stores and provide Bulk Datasets for general public. The Dataset which are made available for general public can be fruitful to researchers for their projects.

The design wise its the same as the regular google search engine with the same User Interface having the Google Logo and Search bar underneath it. So, user can search about any datasets that they want to research in lets say for example Weather Trends in Nepal. Soil Data of US, Soil Climate Analysis, Landslide or Flood Dataset etc. Google provides you with the number of dataset providers, NGO’s INGO’s research feeds you can choose from. Google will also add multilingual support in future.

It is a little similar to how Google Scholar works. Google provides dataset from all website which is structured using’s markup or W3C’s schema. Datasets provided are from Governmental Websites, Personal Blog, NGO-INGO’s web portal or any website which hints to google. Google clarified that this new release are referenced to most datasets in environmental and social sciences, as well as data from other disciplines including government data and data provided by news organizations. Google also encourages to the Data providers to use open standard for describing their information ( for more visibility purpose.

Google, by their new dataset search engine tries to provide the scientists, statisticians, researchers, journalist and data scientists one stop search platform for their research projects.


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