Foodmandu Hacked !! more than 150 k personal data were dumped


Over 150k personal data (including geopoint address, email, name etc) was dumped yesterday. Foodmandu, an IT based Food delivering company was hacked by anonymous hacker who goes by his twitter handle @mr_mugger. The anonymous hacker dumped 33% the user data in githubusercontent you can check it using this link.

Nepal is going through massive technology advancements these couple of years, yet there is still no appropriate security policies and data privacy laws to govern the IT based companies. These type of company who stores user data should be brought under certain userdata policies and should maintain their security audits.

Foodmandu made a statement about yesterday’s data breach. Foodmandu also stated that they have already solved the security loophole and pursued the help of Cybercrime division to take down the site.


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