All about Internet and How google search engine works.

I know you have searched for your name in google once in a while. You haven't? Try it.

Internet or the World Wide Web has become an integral part of our society. Internet is in reach of people who didn’t even have had access to telecommunication networks. According to global statistics there are 4.39 billion¬†internet users¬†today. Internet is being used for different purposes for studies, entertainment, business, maps etc. People access internet using browsers, mobile applications and different OS platforms. Back in the days when there were no search engines people used to remember domain names and IP addresses to access the contents.

Internet and Search Engine

Tim berners lee the inventor of the WWW, created a website which was kind of a library consisting of lists of web servers. Now, the search engines are so strong that it shows the search result relevant to the search keyword you provided, going through the peta bytes of information it have collected crawling through billions of websites. Google serves 68000 searches per second, which makes it the number one search engine today.

Search is a global phenomenon. From scientists to businessman everyone uses search engine to get the information they require. Search engine acts like a librarian who provides relevant data for your search keywords.

Looking at the trends these days, company does not need any physical office or stores. I see many ecommerce sites operate using just their facebook pages or websites. Due to technology hike and competitive market Businesses like ecommerce, travel sites, blogs, consultancy etc. needs online visibility more than physical office. Search engine have made it easier for the individual to search for every alternative. The internet and the technology shift in the world however affected the traditional terms of trade. Everything now is online, from booking your favorite place for dinner to paying for the dinner you just had.

How Google Works

When you type something to search for in google, like for example “iphone 11”. Google engine searches its index for all the webpages using these keywords and then they run certain algorithms for ranking those pages relevant to your search. There are many factors that effect the rank of the pages for example the use of keywords, use of keywords in the title, how many valuable outside links point to it and then the cumulative of all those factors are combined and the relevant result are sent back to you in a few milliseconds. keywords and links plays important role in page ranks.

According to Netcraft, there are 200 million active websites today. Search engines use a small script called crawlers to navigate through all the website index them comprehensively. The crawlers crawl the pages and get all the information like the keywords used, the script used, the url you are using. The website is then indexed in the google servers. Therefore anything you are searching in the google, you are searching in the google index not the entire web. Google tries to crawl though every pages and get it indexed using spiders. Spiders start by fetching a few web pages at first then it follows the links in those webpages and fetch the pages they point to, it goes on until the spiders have indexed a big chunk of web.

Traditionally, search engines were just based on the keywords and the content. Now page ranking algorithms have been more complex and the search engine results are based on hundreds of factors.


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